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AAT Holding Capital Group SA is the largest domestic manufacturer and supplier of electronic security systems, including property segments: fire alarm systems, CCTV systems, systems intruder alarm, access control systems and other systems (voice alarm systems, audio systems and wideodomofonowych, etc.). Thanks to the comprehensive range and high quality innovative solutions - created by a team of highly experienced engineers - AAT Holding over 20 years of activity reached a leading position on the Polish market for electronic security systems.


AAT Group owns the company Polon-Alfa
located in Bydgoszcz, which is the largest in Poland and a leading Central and Eastern European manufacturer of electronic fire alarm systems, with long experience in the design and production of a wide spectrum of such systems.


AAT Group is a manufacturer
one of the most recognizable brands in Poland CCTV NOVUS , which includes a wide range of IP television equipment and AHD. Management offered by the AAT IP television systems based on own specialist software under the name NMS (Novus Management System).

The unique solution offered by the company is also innovative software IS VENO allow visualization and integration services security systems in all four segments.

Complemented by technologically advanced products of their own, is the distribution of modern equipment and systems for the protection of persons and property, produced by renowned manufacturers:

DSC, Atsumi, Kantech, Optex, Roger, Ever Focus, Heitel, Videotec, Zyxel, Fujinon, Cias, Sur-Gard, Kabe, Comnet, Camsat, AFG, Merawex, Nice, Platan, TOA, Unispeaker, Bticino, Commax, Zeus, Pulsar.

In the domestic market AAT Holding operates through a distribution network of 12 branches deployed in the largest Polish cities, so a team of experienced traders, covers the whole country.


 AAT Holding is a member of:


AAT Holding is a member of SECUREX,
the biggest meeting of the security industry in Central and Eastern Europe. During the fair Securex 2014 AAT Holding's stand was awarded the prize " Acanthus Aureus " for the best implementation of marketing strategies, and the software NMS (Novus Management System) to IP video surveillance and universal control unit UCS6000 brand Polon-Alfa received the prestigious – The PIF Gold Medal.


AAT HOLDING is a publisher of educational and information Zabezpieczenia ,
distributed free of charge by mail or through large training centers. Profile magazine focuses mainly on the audience of industry - producers, distributors and installers of all types of electronic and mechanical security.


AAT Holding has also permit the State Atomic Agency of ionizing radiation Surveillance Applications
for trade, installation, maintenance, storage, transport and leak test and isotopic smoke detectors.


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